About us

for moms, by moms

Mompower360 is a mom empowerment movement to enable, motivate, inspire and support moms across the country. We honor powerful moms who manage all facets of their lives beautifully. We also bring together experts from all walks of life to empower mothers.

Lakshmi Seshadri is mom of 3, social entrepreneur, Engineer, ex-model and Mrs India who was crowned Mrs Perfection among top 10 of Mrs Universe in 2016.

As a strong believer of living life with a purpose and making a difference in the lives of others, she founded The Joy box project that redirects surplus from community to NGOs and orphanages which continues to spread joy among those in need while clearing out clutter in the community.

Post pandemic she noticed how burnt-out Moms were everywhere donning multiple hats and putting themselves in the backseat. This prompted her to initiate the Mompower360 project which aims at empowering moms at a 360 level by bringing together experts from all walks of life to enable, motivate ,inspire and support moms. She aims to create a community of sisterhood of motherhood where moms can come together to create their tribe of support where everyone grows to be their best selves in the areas they intend to grow. She aims to uplift moms on a 360 level of body, mind and soul because a happy home begins with a happy mom.

Though her heart remains in India, she has settled in Florida USA for the past 15 years with her husband and has 3 sons aged 2, 7 and 11. While she is not busy with kids or work, she loves to spend time in nature gardening, cycling, swimming or indulging in inspiring books on her hammock in the backyard.